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Thank you for being here.

For the past 10 years or so, I have been curating rare and unique pieces from around the world. Treasures for myself, my friends, and anyone interested in what I find. It brings me joy to deliver special pieces, both pre-loved and reworked that drive inspiration and cultural appreciation. So, I made this website as a place to house these treasures, because it's important that we promote circularity: there are enough clothing and accessories already out in the world for us to enjoy. By repurposing old goods into new pieces, we are practicing mindful consumption. 

Welcome to humangood[s]. I hope you stay awhile.

With love,


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Giving Back

We donate 15% of all proceeds to deserving community organizations.


Our pieces are always as affordable as possible and never overpriced.


Each humangood[s] piece is carefully curated & sustainably packed & shipped.

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